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Bodø is your first port of call north of the Arctic Circle where the summer months are exceptionally light with the mid night sun and where the Aurora Borealis playfully dances in the mid-winter sky.
Bodø  offers the widest range of choice and  we have wondrous Arctic experiences, magical nature and culinary delights, all right outside our door here in the exotic north.
Here you’ll find some of Norway and Europe’s most famous attractions: Saltstraumen - The world’s strongest maelstrom,
Norwegian Aviation Museum. It is Scandinavia’s largest and one of the most modern in Europe.
Furthermore, the Bodø/Salten region is home to the largest colony of European Sea Eagles in the world.
Or how about a helicopter flight to Norway’s second largest glacier, Svartisen - and
visit a Sámi camp at the Arctic Circle?
The Sámi are well known for shamanistic traditions, such as the ceremonial drum
and the yoik, a unique form of Sámi cultural expression through song, which can be interpreted as a metaphor for Sámi traditional  culture itself.
If you are seeking the thrill of speed, then we recommend a trip in an open ocean RIB boat ride right from the quayside.
At the moment we have 23 different shore excursions in our catalog (enclosed) that you can choose from, but since our company Magic North (a tour operator for Bodø and north Norway) specializes in tailor making events on daily bases, we would like to suggest some additional suggestions for shore excursions for your active costumers on the Aida ships.

Rib Adventure to Saltstraumen (the world’s strongest tidal current)    were they raft in the middle of the current. This shore excursion can be combine with a city sightseeing tour by bus on the way back to Bodø were they will make a stop at one of the local churches and a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the city.

GLACIER ADVENTURE to SVARTISEN, which is Norway’s second largest glacier and north of the arctic circle.
A smaller vessel will pick up the passengers for this excursion and take them by boat to this frozen world wonder. It will take around an hour and a half to get there, but with the beautiful scenery and a guide will keep them well informed about this awesome, timeless landscape.

Arriving at Svartisen Tourist Centre, we admire the beauty of the ice world whilst enjoying a hot beverage and varied selection of cakes.

When continuing onward back to Bodø, where they can rejoin the ship, both bus and boat is possible alternatives of transport.
·         A visit to The Arctic Circle Centre, 66' 33’ N. After a lovely train ride and a few minutes in bus , you  will be at the exact spot for the Arctic Circle were they will receive an Arctic Circle Certificate for having crossed the Arctic Circle. After having vied a movie about the arctic there will be a visit to a real local Sami family were drinks and snack will be served and good histories told.

City sightseeing and hiking up Keiservarden Mountain (366 m.o.s) The excursion start with a city sightseeing tour which ends at a viewpoint were the passengers together with the guide walk up along a wide goat trail to the very top of Keiservarden mountain. It is a fantastic walk and the view on the top is breath taking. There will be served a glass of sparkling wine and strawberries on the top. A bus will be waiting on the top ready to take them back to the boat. If you are in good shape the walk only takes 30 minutes, but we estimate around 1 hour as a group.
We hope Aida will find these options of interest for its passengers.

As mentioned before there is no excursion that we can’t offer, so your wish is our demand and we promise that you will get high ratings for all our excursions and of course with German speaking guides. 2000 passengers in no problem and we promise that you will be the only ship here that day.


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