About Magic North

In 2000, Kirsten Holmen started the travel and event company Magic North, with the aim of introducing the Northern hemisphere to the slightly more exclusive class of tourists and businesses.

The real breakthrough for the company came in 2003, when she signed a contract with Volvo to launch their new model S60. Holmen then directed a spectacular program and test driving to the North Cape, followed by 30 journalists from all over the world. The crew was based in an Ice Hotel in the North of Norway, and not only Magic North got off to a flying start; Kirstens idea of building ice bars around the world was also born.

The following year she opened her first ice bar in Svolvær. Since then, the companies Magic North and Magic Ice have developed side by side, and today you can visit Magic Ice bars in Reykjavik, Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø and Svolvær.

Magic North plan and arrange all events in close cooperation with customers, so that you can follow developments from start to finish. We put together a package that includes everything; transport, accommodation, activities and experiences - as well as the all-important culinary element. With our help, you can carefully combine various professional and social elements to make the event a resounding success.